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Obligatory Welcome Post

Hello there, all... one or two of you! I'm Cai, your moderator for this evening. And the next evening. And the ones after that, for however long this community lasts. :3 I was talking with wannaseemymask when I realized... There were no Ra's al Ghul communities!

So, what does a loyal fangirl do?

Why, create a community for all two or so like-minded people.

Sooo, here it is! I'm still setting up. Beware of random fluctuations in style. Tell me if you hate the layout, tell me if you love it. Hell, tell me that you just don't care. I just want to know people are here.

Feel free to post any thoughts, fanworks, etc that you may have. I'm thinking of writing a fanfic, myself.... just give me some time.


In other news, I was considering the title Frumpy Sweaters and Camper Vests. Sadly, it's only a Batman Begins reference...
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