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I come, and I bring fanfic.

Well... I joined the group awhile ago and while there doesn't seem to be all that much activity, I will say I've always been a big fan of Ra's. (And the subtitle for the group really made me laugh. XD) I short intro... I go by Jo and I write stuff.

Yep, that was short.

So, I bring you a drabble. Given how much I like the character and enjoy playing around with concepts it most likely won't be the last. So I hope everyone enjoys. ^___^

Presently, this little drabble isn't titled, but I'm sure that will change as soon as I come up with something.

She had walked straight up to him; her eyes had gone over his attire once, then twice, with a slight smile on her face. As if she was trying to understand what someone in a suit was doing at Woodstock. Then she asked, in perfect Arabic, “You’re not here for the music – or the drugs – are you?”

After that, he stayed, despite his business being done. And it was her he stayed to find out more about. She was exotic, though it seemed strange for a man of his age and experience to use such a word to describe a person. She was half Middle-Eastern on her father’s side, and on her mother’s a mix of Chinese and French. She spoke Arabic, Mandarin, Farsi (he remembered when it was called Persian), French and English. She was there for the music. And though she wouldn’t admit it, he was sure for the drugs as well. It was part of the illicit culture this place had built up around it.

She was a college student, young and brilliant. Just a pretty face would not have done anything more for him than any of the others present. And there were many. But she had a sharp wit to match her Chinese slanted eyes and soft features. Sometime during their conversation she mentioned she felt like she had come here to meet him and asked him if he believed in fate.

Without meaning to she stirred memories of the one he had lost long ago. He didn’t know why he was surprised when they left the festival together. Or amazed that neither of them slept that night.

Though they went their separate ways afterwards, it wasn’t long before she managed track him down. Another difference. Normally he did the tracking. With a smile she told him simply, “I’m coming with you. You’re better than any drug, and I think I’m in love.”

He didn’t stop her. Her name was Melisande, and before her habits eventually took her life, she gave him a daughter. Talia.
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